Swift Hair Transplant: Steps, Reviews, Cost And More

Despite significant advancements in hair transplantation techniques, achieving consistently satisfactory results remains a complex task. Ensuring the viability of grafts presents one of the most formidable challenges in the field. This issue becomes especially critical during mega sessions, where grafts spend more than 12 hours outside the scalp. Numerous studies have shown that grafts undergo morphological changes at different stages of hair transplantation, impacting the viability of follicles over time. Addressing this aspect is crucial for enhancing the success and overall effectiveness of hair transplantation procedures.

Our basic aim is to control the timing of various stages of hair transplantation to increase the survival rate of grafts and improve the effect of hair transplantation.

One of the key factors, affecting the grafts survival is warming and dehydration of grafts.

Steps Of Swift Hair Transplant –

Through extensive studies with our patients, we have discovered that swift hair transplantation significantly enhances the viability of grafts and improves the longevity of hair transplant results. This technique involves implanting the grafts in the recipient area immediately after extraction, minimizing the risk of morphological changes in the graft structure. Unlike traditional procedures where extracted grafts are stored in RL solution at 4-5 degrees Celsius, this step is excluded in swift hair transplantation. Instead, slits are made before graft extraction, reducing the time gap and allowing the grafts to be swiftly moved from the donor to the recipient area. This approach ensures a more efficient and effective hair transplantation process, leading to superior outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

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