FUE Hair Transpalnt: Cost, Result, Images and More

FUE, an acronym for Follicular Unit Extraction, involves the precise extraction of grafts one by one from the donor area. In the past, the FUT technique, or Follicular Unit Transplantation, was utilized, which required a strip of skin to be taken from the back of the scalp and sutured. Subsequently, each graft was meticulously separated into individual units using a surgical blade under a microscope before being used for implantation. The advent of FUE has revolutionized the process, allowing for more precise and minimally invasive hair transplantation procedures.

FUE Techniques :

Manual FUE Technique:

In the manual technique, a punch is affixed to a handle, and it requires a careful rotation by hand to detach the follicular unit from the scalp. Once detached, the unit is then gently pulled out using forceps. This delicate and precise process ensures the successful extraction of individual hair grafts during the hair transplant procedure.

Automated FUE Technique:

In the automated technique, a punch is connected to a probe that is electronically controlled by a motor. The speed of rotation of the punch can be easily regulated using a controller. This advanced mechanism allows for a more efficient and precise hair transplant procedure, as it streamlines the process of extracting individual hair grafts with greater control and accuracy.

3 Steps Before Hair Transplant Procedure

Preoperative Procedure

Operative Procedure

Post Operation Care

The preoperative procedure entails a comprehensive consultation with the patient, involving meticulous discussions and conducting essential blood investigations and vital check-ups. On the day of the surgery, a detailed review is conducted once more, aligning with the surgical plan that corresponds to the specific grade of baldness and the graft requirements. This thorough discussion ensures that the surgery commences with a well-informed and precise approach, tailored to meet the patient's unique needs and expectations.

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